Why not join us?


BUILDING OHANA is a community project, one that will benefit our region for years to come.  To design, develop and sustain Ohana Village, we will need a broad-based coalition of individuals and entities from across all domains of community life.  BUILDING OHANA begins now, as we form relationships with those who posess the expertise, passion and commitment to create new options for a healthy future in which every person has a valued place.  Can you imagine how you, and your family, group, business, or organization might contribute to and benefit from Ohana and it's mission?  If so, please take a moment to contact us

Individuals and Families affected by intellectual/developmental disabilities interested in living in an Ohana community...



Business Persons and Companies that can see the positive economic impact of an Ohana community


Financial Experts/Institutions committed to the support of sustainable civic projects for equitable community growth