Ohana intends to build a mixed-use "intentional community"—the first of its kind in the state-- in Spokane, Washington. Currently we are in the design stages, and drawing ideas from communities in development all over the country.  Look to the slideshow on the left for some sample sketches... 


A seminal vision for Ohana Village:  We envision a geographically contiguous development on property in--or near--an established community of greater Spokane, existing as a sustainable neighborhood within that community.  Ideally, the land will be close to hospitals, transportation, shopping, parks and city services.  At its center will be built common spaces for worship, recreation, social gatherings, meals and events; radiating from this center will be grass and garden, walkways and a blend of private homes to accommodate 120-150 residents.












Ohana will be specially designed to increase both independence and social engagement.  As an open-gated community of hospitality and service,  We plan to include commercial space, a kind of village “main street,” with a capacity to accommodate local business, administrative, education, health and community outreach programs.  A second level space on this main street may later be developed to increase residential capacity: studios and one-bedroom apartments built for volunteers, students, and guests of Ohana.  Within the Ohana neighborhood will be ample space for community recreation, walking, gardens and greenhouses, storage, access roads and parking, including RV hookups for visitors.  


Predevelopment activities for Ohana Village are underway, and we need your help!   To find out how you can participate in BUILDING OHANA, and support a new option for community life in our region, read more here...  


We believe in the strength of intentional community to enhance the lives of every person as it helps those of us in need.



Why not join us?

Incorporating research, expertise and best practices for home and community design and construction, Ohana will feature:

  • A blend of private homes and public places, suited to the needs of diverse population.

  • Green, sustainable construction, with universal and aging in community design to meet the needs of every “body.”

  • Community spaces and common grounds; careful stewardship of land and resources.

  • Permeable boundaries and shared resources designed for inclusion, hospitality and service to the wider community.

  • Commercial space for micro-enterprise, fostering creativity, productivity and service, as well as local business partnerships.

The heart of our

neighborhood will be
 with a range of developmental

Ohana Village: an intentional community in the planning...

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