Develop a strong organizational infrastructure...

Creating operational capacity capable of forwarding the Ohana mission

Securing start-up funding for predevelopment activities and property acquisition


Engage in community conversation... 

Introducing the Spokane Community to GHC/Ohana model and our seminal mission/vision for Ohana Village through public presentations and events, info meetings, printed and online materials, surveys and classes

Assessing community and stakeholder interest, and particularly the needs, economic factors, and lifestyle/ values preferences of potential residents 

Gathering ideas and responding to community input as we develop Ohana site and service designs and evaluate market potential


Build a broad-based community coalition...

Identifying and engaging potential partners, residents and supporters (and the resources they bring) with whom we will work to develop (and sustain) Ohana Village



Begin location and program design work with partners, coalition members and involved community...

Identifying property requirements, conducting land search and locate potential site(s); convening architectural and program design charettes; and, executing initial architectural renderings for Ohana Village



Finalize all plans to bring Ohana Village into full occupancy and operation. 

Synthesizing all efforts listed above, and completing a comprehensive roadmap for every aspect of BUILDING OHANA, including strategic, business, operational, fiscal, and marketing plans, an ongoing evaluation process, and sustainable community programs and service designs

Read the Executive Summary of the Feasibility Study here...


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