Our Goal

In the next three years, to build Ohana Village in Spokane Washington:  a truly diverse, inclusive, intergenerational and intentional community of support.



 In Ohana, all residents--including those with developmental and intellectual challenges--will benefit from and contribute to a thriving and productive community life in the context of mutual friendship, cooperation and care.

To enhance the physical, social, spiritual and creative capacities and contributions of every individual through the tensile strength of committed daily relationship. 



We believe in the power of inclusive, intergenerational, intentional community to enhance the growth of every person as it support the lives of those in need.

Planning Ohana:  a community initiative 

The Road Forward
Some of the very best nonprofit organizations have opened their doors with a few small but essential programs to meet the immediate needs of their communities.  

BUILDING OHANA is different. 

​Creating a village--a home community of inclusion practice--is a big project, and we are in the planning and predevelopment stages.  


A project of this scope can’t be accomplished without the expertise of many community partners.  We are excited and Invite you to read more here...