OHANA: Family and Beyond...


Imagine your family--the people you love.  In Hawaii, "ohana" simply means these people...including and beyond the boundaries of blood relationship.  It implies a network of relationships you both value and need in your life, made of people you depend upon, care for and stand beside.  Ohana is built out of trust and the decision to share life with others...even when it's hard.

We all have some experience of Ohana:  the older couple who've lived next door since we were born; the bowling team or book club that meets every first Tuesday; our church congregation, the staff at our workplace, or the fellow volunteers at the local food bank, whose passion for feeding the hungry we share. 

Ohana is an old value, but not obsolete one. In the 21st century, life is fast and relationships fleeting.  More than ever, the respect, support and care we give to and receive from our own extended families reflect a timeless human necessity for connection. Ohana gives a name to that need. 


Ohana Village will be a neighborhood community that encourages and supports "ohana relationships."

Why not join us?