FRANK IDE:  Board President


As Division Manager of Planning and Landscape Architecture for Taylor Engineering, now Parametrix, I have been responsible for master planning and designing Spokane area neighborhoods for over 25 years.  This is what I thoroughly enjoy.  One of my greatest rewards is speaking with residents who love the “communities” in which they live, knowing that I played a part of creating their personal community.


Whereas one can design and build a wonderful neighborhood, complete with open spaces and natural beauty, the test of a truly successful project is whether or not it becomes a “community”.   This is challenging and often unpredictable because PEOPLE make community.  It’s not just the construction of streets, lots, houses, and sidewalks.  Today, true community is becoming increasingly rare.  For many reasons that we all can point to, people often do not invest the time and energy into personal relationships necessary to establish their community. 


Over this last quarter of a century, I have become adept at facilitating projects as they evolve from Concept to Construction.  What excites me about Building Ohana is the opportunity to use my skills and relationships to help create a community where residents with similar values can earnestly come together – where families of differing demographics and socioeconomic backgrounds can live together in a supportive environment.   These types of intentional communities are ever-increasingly being established across our country and I am excited that Ohana Village be one such community, built right here in Spokane.


The most vital component of community is that all residents share a common vision.  Ohana Village will be a community with a heart for adults with developmental disabilities.  It will be a community of far-reaching support for those like my autistic 18-year old nephew Spencer to thrive as he grows into manhood.   It will be a place of caring families and those of all ages and backgrounds who desire to invest in personal relationships which will inherently result in others investing in them.


I am a landscape architect by profession and a people-lover by heart.   I cherish family and the vision of creating this community of meaningful relationships.  The success of Building Ohana will be the compilation of many dedicated individuals and organizations now coming together.  My land development expertise is simply one skill that will be necessary to develop our community, but one that will prove useful as we move Ohana Village from Concept to Construction.