Community Formation  

Central to most human need is stable relationship and meaningful social interaction.  This is true for all types of needs, including those inherent to the challenges of developmental disability.  To develop an intentional community is to focus on the necessity of human connection as a means to wellness, and to support and reinforce the healthy interaction of individuals within social environments.  


Healthy inclusive communities don't happen by accident. BUILDING OHANA is committed to developing programs and activites that foster social engagement, education and wellness, so that all residents can enjoy the lifestyle and privileges of Ohana and contribute to it's mission. 


The early architecture of community formation and support programs, in keeping with the intentions of Ohana, will guide our community design and development from the start. Over the next predevelopment year, we will reach out in all directions to engage the expertise and involvement of our wider Spokane community. 






Belief in the dignity, worth and human rights of every person


Intentional, purposeful living


Lifelong learning and development 

Solidarity:  Living with and standing by one another


Volunteerism:  Responsibility and service to common good


Hospitality:  Sharing who we are and what we have


Universal and Public design:  Making home and community accessible for all people though the lifespan 


Care for creation:  Good stewardship of resources


  Ohana Village will feature a constellation of professionally supported, resident-driven supports and activities designed to promote abilities, interests, and mutual engagement in the personal and social "intentions" of the community 


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