BUILDING OHANA      25 West Main STE 310     Spokane, Washington  99201   

In the first iteration of defining the physical and social features of our community gathering space, we’ve determined it will be...

  • Situated in the center of the community, or within easy access to all residences

  • Oriented toward the community, so as to be open and welcoming to all residents

  • Infused with maximum natural light

  • Connected to outdoor gathering spaces—covered and uncovered porch, patio, barbecues, and facing

    gardens, game areas, etc.

  • Energy and space efficient, built with natural and renewable materials

  • Sensory friendly and accessible to the entire community

  • An comfortable extension of home in the context of our community

  • A welcoming place of hospitality to guests and the wider community


  • A large multi-purpose gathering/meeting and dining room—also for dances, concerts, hospitality

  • An industrial/commercial kitchen designed for many helpers

  • Quiet room(s) or space(s) for prayer, solitude, reading...

  • Game/indoor play room

  • Laundry facilities (three or four washers, 2 dryers, hanging space)

  • Two guest rooms for hospitality

  • Two bathrooms

  • Semi-open office spaces for two plus one small private business space

  • Exercise/gym/therapy space and spa (we actually want an indoor pool...)

  • Art Studio/craft space

  • SHOP—and storage


  • Many of the social intentions of Ohana will occur in and around the common house, designed to be accessible and supportive to people of all abilities and ages.

  • Monthly meetings of all residents for governance, planning etc.

  • Regular gatherings with music, movement, food, and even theatre—the “great room” will be the center of

    these events

  • Multiple activities going on at one time

  • A place for daily connection, work and play

  • Common meals at least once weekly—probably much more often

  • Activities that welcome relatives, friends and community guests

  • Small groups interested in regularly scheduled activities of interest –art, book club, exercise group,

    musical/theatre groups or productions

The Common House --
the physical heart of OHANA