Behavioral Health:  ABA and practicing Ohana 

Ohana Village will be designed to include an array of community practices guided by principles of Applied Behavior Analysis.  In the last decades, ABA interventions have helped many of those most challenged to engage in and navigate meaningful social relationships, particularly those affected with autism and other neurodevelopmental differences.  Through application of evidence-based approaches to teach and support socially significant behaviors, the lives of many of these individuals and their families have been transformed.  

More broadly, some ABA-based practices have proven success in the design, operation and evaluation of a growing number of educational and service systems, especially when positive social change is a desired outcome.  


 Positive behavior support is the application of behavior analysis to intensely social problems...It is an approach that blends values about the rights of people… with a practical science about how learning and behavior change occur.   Horner, 2000


The values of the Ohana vision are well aligned with the positive behavior principles of ABA.  At the heart of both is a deep respect for every individual's abilities, motivations, and social connectedness with the understanding that we all play a role to meet and respond to the unique qualities of one another.  As these values form the heart of our community, so will our ABA-guided practices engage the tensile strength of community life to meet individual human needs. Moreover, as an evidence-based discipline, ABA will provide the basis for comprehensive assessment and evaluation systems essential to program development and long-term success.