The Ohana Solution 

Achieving fully inclusive communities--like any social change--will take time.  To advance this goal, we intend to build Ohana Village, a mixed use, multi-level neighborhood  and a "community of practice" for a diverse and intergenerational population, including adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. This neighborhood will be designed for healthy lifespan living, maximal accessibility and daily social engagement, for every resident.  It's features will include:


A focus upon Ohana relationships between neighbors, and upon home and neighborhood as places essential to our personal, social and civic development.

Diverse and intergenerational residents  

living together for individual growth and common good

Best practices in cooperative living, and ongoing community formation supports

Private and public partnerships for innovation, expertise and support

Green, sustainable construction, with universal and "aging-in community" design to meet the needs of every body

Private living with shared spaces and common grounds; careful stewardship of land and resources


Hospitality and service to the greater community: permeable boundaries and shared resources

Micro-enterprises for economy, creativity and productivity.  Promoting local products and services, serving the Spokane area